What are you up to now, Strada?

Strada Company invites Tucson theatrical director's to image and direct a single scene from Arthur Schnitzler's Fin de siècle play La Ronde. The Company is particularly interested in imaginative interpretations. Here are ten things prospective directors should know. Email Michael at michael@stradacompany.org for questions and comments. 


1. This is kinda about you. Using your vision and your ideas to transform a scene.


2. You will be contracted to do this, so delivery of your scene is critical.


3. We agree with you on the particular scene you would like to direct and give you a basic text.


4. You can change the language, and possibly the intent. You can change the character's gender. You can really do anything you like, but you have to do the scene and work from the basic text or textual idea. 


5. We don’t have a lot of tech at the Screening Room and there will be several different performances so there is a hint of minimalism involved.


6.. We’ll need to grab photos and video for promotion.


7. Dates are to be determined but will occur between July and January with some flexibility. We look to work with our directors to find the right time. Currently, we're leaning toward July.


8. We are raising money for the support of your production as needed. We anticipate about $100 per team. We understand this is not outstanding compensation, but we are doing our best to grow this figure.  As a relatively new company, we are more inclined toward risk and challenging theatre and that has financial challenges. Barring our ability to raise this cash, we will compensate based on box office and have invested a substantial amount of money in promotion ($600 in NPR spots for example).


9. Here’s a URL to the play. Click Oh My Schnitzler. This will take you to public domain links.

Or here's a pdf.




10. If you’re unfamiliar with Schnitzler or La Ronde, we recommend reading the play (obviously) and maybe Google it a bit. It is a fin-de-siecle Viennese play that is risqué, psychologically impressive, and somewhat notorious. 

The List! Many scenes are in discussion with directors so if you are interested, contact us as soon as you can. 

  1. The Whore and the Soldier - Andrew Baughman

  2. The Soldier and the Parlor Maid - Gabriella De Brequet

  3. The Parlor Maid and the Young Gentleman - Nicole Scott

  4. The Young Gentleman and the Young Wife - Chloe Loos

  5. The Young Wife and The Husband - Maraget Smith

  6. The Husband and the Little Miss - Avai D'Amico

  7. The Little Miss and the Poet Alexander Robinson

  8. The Poet and the Actress - Gretchen Wirges

  9. The Actress and the Count - Mark Kliugheit

  10. The Count and the Whore - Michael Fenlason

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