Strada Company created The Persistence Project in 2017 to create and invest venture capital with Tucson-area talented women artists of all genres. If you visit our Strada Artist of the Week page here, you'll see some of the talented women whose projects we work to support. We're currently developing a process to support women artists in special projects and long-term career development. To be clear, our support is closer to the notion of a producer or venture capitalist. This money is "general operating support."


In some cases, we have supported artists that are doing a special project like Johanna Lundy's recording project of new compositions for French Horn or Mariah McCammond playing a fundraiser with ChamberLab. In some cases, we'll be supporting a particular artist, like Jasmine Roth, to work with a nonprofit theatre. Sometimes, we have just connected buyers to visual artists like Inna Rohr.


After a survey of more than 100 artists in Tucson, we understand that supporting the arts can't be just through institutions. Individual artists are the disrupters, the innovators, and the cultural creatives. Supporting nonprofit arts institutions is important, but often they are challenged to be presenters and are less inclined to create new artworks. That's why we're doing this.


We also feel, as mentioned above, that women have an unusually difficult time acquiring the capital, recognition, and opportunity necessary to create their art. We're looking to create gender parity in the arts in Tucson, but we do mean parity. Eventually, we would like to create a sustainable new works grant strategy available to all.


If you're interested in finding out more about how to work with us, just follow the instructions below. If you're interested in supporting one of our current Artists of the Week, click the donate button below and include send us an email with your thoughts regarding the artist you would like to support. IT is tax deductible.


We have received more applications for interested artists than donations. To be clear, 95% of the donated funds will go directly (within one week) to an individual artist. There are credit card and processing fees.


Here's how you can be a part:


Women artists:


Send an email to Nicole at Include:


  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Artform

  • Website or social media page with examples of your work

  • Brief note about aspirations

  • Current projects


To support women artists in metro Tucson, please donate here. You may also contact us at (520) 261-1064 or email us at We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Please consider supporting Strada Company's effort to create opportunities for women artists in Tucson. What do we get out of it? Not a damn thing, but a better Tucson and a better world. Thank you.

Nicole Scott



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