Strada Company believes that the best way to support the arts is by supporting the artists who make it. This year we have nominated artists in a variety of fields--from dance to digital, from theater to film, music to cartoon--for our Artist of the Week. We are asking supporters of the arts to help us contribute to this broad range of Tucson artists by supporting our Fund for New Arts.


100% of your donation goes to support Tucson area artists working on new things. It could be a mural, a play, a painting, a dance, a song, a book of poetry, a concerto, a film, a performance, or a sculpture. It could be something that has never been done before.


Please consider supporting this Fund for New Art. You will receive the standard tax deduction for contributing to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We have skin n the game, too. Strada is contributing the first $1,000. 


Make a contribution here and please write us tell us what you think of this new model of arts support at


Artists should spend their time making art, not writing grants. 


Visit our Artist of the Week page here



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